compool: An xPL gateway for the Compool pool controller.
This Compool xPL gateway can track and control various characteristics of the pool controller.

The Compool interface is a half-duplex 4-wire RS485 so you need a RS485/RS232 interface. They are available quite inexpensively from eBay. I used a device from Hexin. I also needed a RJ12 splitter which I also picked up on eBay. I wired up the 485/232 interface at my computer and ran a cat5 cable to the Compool controller. I hooked up data+ and data- together, straight through. I needed to connect both ground wires from the Compool panel into ground of the 485/232 interface. I left the power line disconnected assuming the serial port would power the 485/232 interface. I added an RJ12 plug to the end of the cat5 cable at the Compool end and plugged it into the RJ12 splitter. I removed the Compool keypad cable from the Compool controller and plugged it into the other side of the splitter. I then plugged the splitter into the Compool panel where the Compool keypad cable was just removed. The Compool documentation describes requiring a 1K ohm resistor as termination but I haven't added one and everything is working properly.

You configure the compool xPL gateway to use the serial device you plugged the 485/232 interface into. You should see data generated roughly every 2.5 seconds. If not, check your wiring.