ear: Emergency Alert Radio xPL gateway
This is an xPL gateway for the Emergency Alert Radio.

An xPL message with schema of weather.alert will be generated when the radio receives an event. It contains the following elements:

originator=<message originator organization>
event=<weather event description>
location=<where event occurred based on FIPS data, can be repeated for events in more then one location>
duration=<integer in minutes>
date=<date of event in YYYYMMDD>
time=<time of event in HHMMSS>
source=<radio station call letters>

The radio requires the following configuration.

The device configuration item specifies what tty device file name the radio's RS-232 port is connected to. It should be the complete path name. The freq configuration item is the radio frequency that should be tuned to capture your local weather radio channel. It should be a floating point number between 162.39 and 162.56. The altfreq configuration item is an alternative frequency if your local area has more then one weather station channel. This is the same format as the freq configuration item. The usealtfreq configuration item must be set to true as well. The fips configuration item can take up to 4 Federal Information Processing Standard country codes. The format is PSSCC where P is the sub-portion of the area, SS is the two digit state code and CCC is the three digit county code. Use 0 for P unless you need a specific subarea. You can also use '?' in any position as a wild card match. This will allow the radio to receive more then four locations. The eomreset configuration item will automatically shut off the radio's audio upon completion of the alert if this item it set to true. If eomreset is set to false the radio's audio will be left on continuously. The radio will accept up to 80 events in the event configuration item. Each event is a three letter code describing a weather event. A '?' can be used as a wild card match. See here or here for a list of event codes as well as the SAME message format overview.