lutron: Lutron Homeworks Lighting Processor xPL gateway
The lutron xPL gateway can connect to a Lutron Homeworks lighting processor and control individual lights as well as emulate keypad button presses (scenes). Connectivity is established via DCM or xPLHal using the standard xPL configuration process.

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The first configuration item is the type. This determines whether the gateway will connect to the Lutron via a special /dev file or via a network connection. Set type to "device" for a special /dev file serial/usb connection or to "net-address" for a network connection. If device is chosen then set the device configuration type to the special file name. Set the net-address configuration item to the IP address or host name and the net-port to the TCP port number. Use the Telnet port 23 if connecting directly to the Lutron. If you do connect directly to the Lutron you will also need to set the username and password configuration items to allow the gateway to login. The xmlfile item is the output from the [to be filled in later].