omnilink: HAI Omni Security System xPL gateway
The HAI Omni family of Security Systems support monitoring and control via RS-232 and ethernet both of which are support by this xPL gateway. This gateway supports the following schemas:
  • security.basic
  • security.request
  • sensor.basic
  • sensor.request
  • control.basic
  • dawndusk.request
  • dawndusk.basic
  • x10.basic
The gateway polls the HAI once every second and any events are sent as triggers. The gateway will synchronize the time and date with the security panel. Units can be controlled. Zone-based temperature sensor setpoints can be controlled as well. The following table depicts the device and type names to get the temperature zone name and battery information. Unit and zone names are the actual name of the unit/zone and "eeN" is for the expansion panels (N is the panel number starting at 1).
Device Type
unit name output
zone name temperature
zone name heat-setpoint
zone name cool-setpoint
system battery
eeN battery

The X10 support is somewhat limited by the way the HAI Omni security panels operate. X10 is received by a TW523 device connected to the security panel. Dims and brights are not passed into the panel. Nor are any of the extended commands. Received X10 that are processed will update the mapped unit number as well as send an x10.basic trigger xPL message. The Omni panels map some number of the low numbered units into X10. Unit 1 maps to X10 A1 up to the limit of X10 supported devices which is panel specific. xPL command messages using x10.basic schema will map the X10 devices into the appropriate unit numbers. On/off/bright and dim is supported. Dim and bright only support levels between 1 and 9. The x10.confirm will be returned.
Configuration is straight-forward and comprises of setting the connection to the security panel. The configuration item type determines whether to connect to a serial special /dev file via the "device" value or via a network connection using the "net-address" value. The device configuration item must be set to the special device file if type is set to "device". If the "net-address" is used then the net-address must contain an IP address or host name of the security panel. Also the net-port item must contain the UDP port number of the security panel. The key and master password items must correspond to the values inside the HAI panel's configuration.


The gateway has only been tested against the HAI Omni Pro2. Other Omni security systems can be supported but will need some updates.